Kindle eBooks From Public Domain Magazines Fast!

Important! Due to the technical difficulties we had the night of this webinar and in getting this replay up I am extending my Real Fast Traffic Plan Bonus for anyone that takes advantage of this offer through Monday June 18 at 12 Midnight PST – by clicking here

CLICK HERE after the webinar is over!

11 thoughts on “Kindle eBooks From Public Domain Magazines Fast!”

  1. Daniel: Very smart looking page and very clever about listing webinar topics on the right. I’m copying this! Seriously–keep up the good work. I’m working on a presentation for you as a literary/publishing attorney.

    1. Thanks so much. We work real hard to put on events that contain immediately useable info regardless of whether you invest in the offer. But I very much appreciate you saying.

      1. I came. I saw. I bought.
        An amazing generosity! For me, the shortcuts on research to put my nose on the right path was well worth the price.
        Sometimes, I feel like the hook outweighs the fish. This was a boatload of goodies!

  2. Hi, I am so upset because Tony’s audio on the replay is so low that after 45 minutes of stuggeling to hear, I finally gave up. Can you fix it? Daniel, yours is loud and clear by the way.
    I will try the replay again tomorrow. Thanks, Kathleen

    1. Kathleen –

      Sorry about that but that is as good as it gets. We kinda had troubles with this recording all the way around.


  3. Hi Daniel,
    I was able to watch the replay only today. Is your bonus still included?
    Had seen your previous work on public domain but this new one of Tony is really amazing. Thank you!

    1. Yes… all bonuses are available through Monday June 18, 2012 – 12 midnight Pacific time. Thanks Constantino.

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